Agriturismo with restaurant in Tuscany

Are you a foodie, looking forward to sampling some Tuscan cuisine during your holiday in Italy? Opt for a Tuscan agriturismo with restaurant. Here you can savour home-made Tuscan food, prepared with fresh ingredients from the home farm. I have made a selection of the agriturismos with a restaurant in Tuscany, which you can find below. I have visited every one of them, sampled their food, and selected them for their quality, atmosphere and Italian hospitality. I – Margot – am living in Tuscany myself, and I know all the properties and their owners.


What is an agriturismo?

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An agriturismo is a farm that rents holiday apartments or rooms. These farms often produce wine and/or olive oil. Some also grow fruit and vegetables. And they sometimes produce their own cheese, honey or jam. It is a delight to get such a real experience of life in the Italian countryside!  

Dishes with home-grown ingredients

Many of these properties have their own restaurant.  The owners use fresh ingredients from their farm to prepare local dishes. From field to fork! This is about as pure a taste of the Tuscan lifestyle as you can get. Even the locals like to dine out in these restaurants! 


The ease of having a restaurant at walking distance

Highly recommended: a restaurant next to your accommodation. Because now you can spend a carefree day by the pool and then simply walk to the restaurant in the evening. Or settle down in the restaurant after returning from a day out: take a shower, put on your glad rags, and dinner is served! Contented after a scrumptious dinner, you saunter back to your apartment. Oh the luxury and convenience! I also have beautiful agriturismos with restaurant in Piedmont, Sicily and at the lakes

Not every agriturismo has its own restaurant. But that does not mean that you cannot eat there. They often organize weekly dinners in which everyone can join in. Just find a place on the long table and enjoy delicious food together, under a star-spangled sky. Unforgettable memories!


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A pre-selection of our agriturismos with restaurant in Tuscany is presented above. They are an ideal combination of tranquillity and good food. Need some assistance? Just contact me. Because I know all the agriturismos and their owners.


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