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Welcome to My Italy. Here I present my personal selection of exceptional and luxurious agriturismos in Italy. Find your favourite agriturismo on my website. You can immediately see whether it is available. Can't see the wood for the trees? Don't hesitate to email me. I will gladly give you personal advice.

My Italy has been the number 1 in agriturismo in Italy since 2002. The perfect place to find an agriturismo, villa or B&B in one of the many Italian regions. Tuscany, for instance, Marche, Umbria, Lake Como, Lake Garda, Piedmont or Sicily. I have lived and worked in glorious, unforgettable Italy for 20 years, the last 10 at an agriturismo in Tuscany. Over that period, I have visited a large number of properties. I then selected for you the most enchanting and the most original ones.

Number 1 in agriturismo Italy

Italy has close to 20,000 agriturismos, the quality of which varies widely. This often makes it impossible to see the wood for the trees, for aspiring holiday-makers trying to find one on the internet. I therefore visit every agriturismo personally before I decide whether to put it on our website. That is why My Italy has been the number 1 in agriturismo for many years. Only those agriturismos I would like to stay at myself make it on to my website. You are sure to find the agriturismo that's ideal for your holiday on my website. You can rely on that.

What is an agriturismo?

The term "agriturismo" is composed of the Italian words "agricoltura" and "turismo". An agriturismo is therefore a farm where you can enjoy your vacation. The word "farm" may conjure up simple rustic accommodation, but nothing is further from the truth. The agriturismos that I've selected are authentic country houses and farmhouses that have been turned into luxurious holiday accommodation, fitted with all modern conveniences. Most of these agriturismos produce wine or olive oil, some grow cereals, vegetables or fruit.

Often you can also enjoy dinner there: and sometimes festive meals in which everyone joins in, and at which the farm's produce and local specialities are served. Some agriturismos organise cooking workshops and wine tastings. Most of them are situated in the midst of vineyards, olive groves, hills or mountains. A car is therefore a must when vacationing in an agriturismo!

Holidaying among locals

Do you plan to spend your holiday in an agriturismo? Good choice! Because it offers the opportunity to come into contact with local people, and to experience Italian country life. You will stay in romantic rooms and comfortable apartments in stunningly appointed accommodation, where rural farm life is in full swing.

How about an agriturismo in Tuscany?

Are you a fan of interesting old cities, nature, beaches, the sea? Then an agriturismo in Tuscany might be ideal for you. I am living in that region, and it is wonderful here. You can wander along beautiful country lanes, through picturesque villages and historical towns. Along the 300 kilometres of coastline are many beautiful sand beaches. The delicious local cuisine and excellent wines cry out to be tasted. My website offers a large choice of agriturismos. All carefully selected for quality, atmosphere, authenticity and hospitality.

Child-friendly agriturismos with swimming pool

Going on a holiday with the children? Then choose a child-friendly agriturismo. Your child will have lots of space for fun play there. There is a relaxing swimming pool, sometimes with a children's pool for the little ones. There is often a playground too. Some agriturismos have farm animals that can be petted or fed. Also fun: making pizza or pasta together. Your child won't be bored for a second.

Feel free to ask me for advice

Questions or need help making a choice? Do send me an email You can reach me by e-mail seven days a week, whenever you want. Do not forget to mention your travel dates, so I can help you as soon as possible.

Ciao, Margot

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Agriturismo in Tuscany with great views

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